Who We Are

Who We Are

We at Kaffi, are group of professional Lebanese youth, who know what it is like to be in a tough financial situation while studying away from home. The current unprecedented financial crisis, affecting Lebanon and the new generation of Lebanese students, has driven us to take immediate action and do our best to help!

Mohamed Baker Alawieh, PhD

Senior R&D Engineer, Synopsys

Sabrine Abboud

Test Engineer, ASTech

Wajeb Saab, PhD

Software Engineer, Google

Nabila Hayek

Teacher Trainee, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Mahdi Chamseddine

Researcher, DFKI

Maha Maksoud

Software Engineer, Vorwerk Group

Mohammad Mansour

Engineering Manager, Matrix Power Network

Zahraa Alawieh

Multimedia Designer, CloudSigma

Hassan Abdallah, MD

Hospitant in spinal cord surgery at Zentralklinik Bad Berka

Sara Alawieh

Master's Student, RWTH Aachen University

Jaafar Hamdan

Content Creator, Medair

Hussein Alawieh

PhD Student, The University of Texas at Austin

Youssef Yassine

Demand Planner at Tesla

Why Donate To Kaffi?

In the past year, the Lebanese currency has lost over 90% of its value amid an ongoing economic crisis. Banks in Lebanon have put severe restrictions on the depositors' money, causing many Lebanese students abroad to lose the financial support their parents were providing them. As this crisis is expected to last, Kaffi was founded to push forward long-term solutions through supporting the Lebanese youth abroad.

Our Vision

At Kaffi, we believe that education is the best form of investment for the future of an individual, a family and a community. Our goal is to remove financial obstacles for students and make it possible for them to focus on the educational path they have already invested a lot in. This in return will help create educated young leaders, with an international exposure, who will move Lebanon forward.

Our Mission

Amid the current economic crisis and the unresolved dollar-lira problem, we believe that the best way forward for many Lebanese families is investing in their youth’s education abroad. This will prevent these students from losing their current enrollment, allow them to eventually land better jobs and thus help their families and community prosper. Our priority at Kaffi is preventing the scenarios where students abroad are forced to go back, before completing their studies, due to financial hardships.


If you have any questions about donating or applying, please drop us an email!