Scholarship Applications Are Now Closed for Fall 2021 Cycle. To apply for future cycles, Stay Tuned for the coming opening calls to be announced

Scholarship Programs:

Apply to the program that corresponds to your situation

Scholarships For University Tuition

Target: $60,000

Many students, mainly in Eastern Europe, are struggling with expensive tuition, especially in medical schools. The goal is to support the students most in need pay their tuition fees.

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Scholarships For Student Expenses
Target: $40,000

Tuition in Western Europe is generally less of an issue compared to living expenses. The goal is to support these students to remain in the country of study.

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How To Apply

Follow these simple steps to apply to one of the programs listed below

Select a program

Pass the eligibility criteria & send us your form with the required documents attached

If shortlisted, you might be contacted for an interview

If accepted, you will receive an email by the end of each cycle

1. Automated anonymous ranking system is made based on the information submitted in the application

2. Shortlisted applications undergo a second round of revision which includes collecting additional information and possible interview, after which the Kaffi team will make a final selection

Few Notes About Ranking Process:

While we welcome applications from all students abroad, the automated ranking system will prioritize:

  1. Students who left Lebanon before the beginning of the economic crisis (October 2019)

  2. Students studying in European Union (EU)

  3. Students not studying in countries with very high tuition fees (e.g. UK)