1. The website mentions two programs Boost and Launch for Western and Eastern Europe. I am a Lebanese student studying abroad but not in Europe. Am I still eligible?

We are doing our best to help every Lebanese student pursue his/her academic ambition; however, given the limited funds, we had to prioritize fund allocation. In this first call for Fall 2021, our main focus will be countries within the European Union (EU). This decision is based on data we collected from students during our preparation process and current logistical reasons.

Based on this data, we devised two programs: Boost for scholarships for expenses, and Launch for scholarships for tuition. Students studying in countries outside the EU are welcome to apply; however, priority will be given to students in the EU as outlined in our two programs.

2. I have been admitted to a program in the EU starting Fall 2021, I am still in Lebanon and need help to go there, can I apply?

Our mission at Kaffi is to help Lebanese students who have already started their education before the Lebanese economic crisis in 2019. Therefore, our ranking system will consider - as one factor - the year the student has left Lebanon or is planning to leave; giving higher score for students already abroad.

We would like to stress that Kaffi does not guarantee continuous support for students (as this depends on application review on a semester basis and the fund availability), we advise students not to rely on Kaffi as a preliminary source of support when planning their education. We are doing our best to help every Lebanese student pursue his/her academic ambition; however, we see a need to clarify in order for students to plan accordingly.

3. I need help with both Tuition and Expenses, can I apply to both programs?

We have tried to separate the two programs based on our evaluation of the situation of students in Eastern and Western Europe. If you need support with both tuition and expenses, then please select the program according to the larger between the two amounts. If the tuition is dominant, please apply to Kaffi-Launch. Otherwise, apply to Kaffi- Boost. The final decision will be based on our evaluation of the case and we may also check with you for further detailed clarifications.

4. If I get financial support from Kaffi, do I need to pay back the money later?

The current two programs at Kaffi are scholarship programs. Recipients of these scholarships are not required to pay back the money they received. However, we hope that students who will benefit from these scholarships will support our mission and help other students in the future when they are well established in their careers.

5. What are the criteria for selecting the students to receive scholarships?

For each of the two programs we will rank applications based on the several criteria, including (criteria are not listed here in order of importance):

    • Financial need

    • Satisfactory academic performance

    • Amount of funds requested (compared to available funds)

    • Program start date

    • Number of years remaining in program